What We Do
  1. Beds are Recieved
    Beds are Recieved
    We have a large area to drive and turn a semi around with a loading dock that can accomidate any semi. We also have very large door to drive into the building or back up to.
  2. Destruction
    Once the beds are received they are then cut open and the materials are sorted out.
  3. Recovery of the Quilts/Tops
    Recovery of the Quilts/Tops
    Quilts are removed off the beds and stacked until they are baled.
  4. Baled Quilts
    Baled Quilts
    This is what the Quilts or tops look like once they are baled and ready to be sold.
  5. Foam Recovery
    Foam Recovery
    The foam is the next item removed from a bed, stacked and then baled to be sold.
  6. Baled Foam
    Baled Foam
    This is what a bale of foam looks like before it is sold and shipped.
  7. Cotton Recovery
    Cotton Recovery
    Not all beds have cotton in them. Currently we only recover cotton on a sold basis.
  8. Shoddy Recovery
    Shoddy Recovery
    Most beds contain a shoddy material some it is a shredded denim like material while others have a coconut husk material. This is another material that is recovered on a sold only basis.
  9. Spring Recovery
    Spring Recovery
    Now that all other materials have been removed you are left with the spring metal. This metal is also baled.
  10. Baled Metal
    Baled Metal
    Metal baled and ready to be sold.
  11. Box Spring
    Box Spring
    Currently only about 5- 10 % of a box spring is sent to the landfill!!
  12. Cardboard Recovery
    Cardboard Recovery
    Cardboard is collected and baled from all box springs.
  13. Wood Recovery
    Wood Recovery
    Once all of the coverings are removed you are left with a metal and wood frame. We then sepperate the two and bale the metal with the other springs and stack the wood.
  14. The Wood
    The Wood
    Wood from the box springs is then hauled to the local wood recycler Mueller Pallets. From there the wood is shredded and sold to POET to fuel the boilers they use to make ethanol.
  15. The Waste
    The Waste
    Currently only 10 -15 % of the bed is sent to the landfill!!
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