Time for change

We have all heard from time to time, “You get what you paid for.”  The era we now live in has become so capricious about the environment and how our carbon footprint affects our environment.  One of the most significant ways to help reduce our carbon footprint is by recycling.  AGRAT2 is the first business in South Dakota to offer a recycling service for reducing mattresses, box springs, and furniture from the current waste stream hauled to a landfill, thus prolonging the life of the landfill.  Approximatly 85% - 95% of the average mattress or box spring consists of recoverable materials.  Year to date AGRAT2 has recovered 1,255,289 lbs of materials from just 36,478 mattresses and box springs and convert it into a marketable commodity.  Currently we are recovering 85.74% of the materials in the beds brought to us.
On average a single mattress takes up 23 cubic feet of landfill space and with the current recovery numbers we are proving it is very important to recycle a mattress before they enter the waste stream at the local landfill.  We are here to help you recycle more by recycling used mattress, box spring, along with some furniture that would otherwise simply be buried. 

With your help, we can achieve our goals while increasing your local recycling!! Contacting us would be greatly appreciated!!